KITCHEN CABINETS- Projecting Style and Defining Function

Kitchen cabinets are a particular area of expertise at Distinctive Wood Creations. Kitchen cabinets, whether part of a new construction effort or the central feature of a kitchen remodel, should embody the homeowner’s personality and style.

We pride ourselves in helping homeowners maximize the function of their kitchen cabinets. Ample storage, strategic work surfaces and ergonomic workflow all contribute to make your kitchen remodel a stunning addition to your living space.

We help you select the lumber, create the color and fabricate the look and feel you need in your kitchen cabinets. Additionally, our old world craftsmanship results in heirloom quality cabinets worthy of multiple generations.

At Distinctive Wood Creations, you will not choose your kitchen cabinets from a catalog – together, we will create them. You will draw on experiences, desires and preferences you have accumulated in your lifetime. Consider it a gift to yourself.

Call our experienced craftsmen to collaborate on your kitchen remodel or create your one of a kind custom kitchen cabinets in Madison, Wisconsin