A Living room is where most families relax and enjoy their time together in Madison WI.

Today’s schedules require a lot of up-time. This makes the down-time much more important. Living room furniture and living room furnishings created by Distinctive Wood Creations can help your living room look great as well make “your” time more enjoyable and even therapeutic.

Distinctive Wood Creations designs and builds custom living room furniture and furnishing as unique as you are. We can help you select the right species of wood, develop the stain colors you want and build pieces you will not only enjoy to look at, but will find great satisfaction in using. Your choices include chairs, benches, cabinets, book cases, shelves and other one of a kind pieces developed specifically to fit your taste and needs.

If you have an idea, we can help bring it to life not just as living room furniture, but as a piece of art. Distinctive Wood Creations helps design and build the perfect living room furniture or unique living room furnishings to set your room apart from any other room you know.

Before going to the big box stores to see what options they offer, visit with our skilled craftsmen to learn what options exist “outside the box”. There is a vast difference between buying what if offered and creating your own living room furniture.

Give us a call or email and we will be happy to design and build the living room furniture you want in Madison WI.