A custom home office is often a needed amenity in and around Madison WI.

While home office needs are exploding throughout the nation, the Madison WI area is absolutely bursting with professionals who have challenging schedules. A home office is often a necessity for many professionals and small businesses of all types.

Distinctive Wood Creations designs and builds the perfect desk, cabinet or expanded work space needed to be as productive as possible. Whether you need innovative storage, shelving, curved designs to fit rooms, companion files, bookcases or common work areas with flair, Distinctive Wood Creations can help you design and build the perfect office solution..

Your custom home office will have the best ergonomic qualities and the panache others will envy.

Our advice is not to look at existing generic furniture, but to consider what you need to be the most efficient and effective. We will create the custom home office of unequalled style to achieve your goals.

Please give us a call or email. We will be honored to design and build the home office you need in Madison WI.